The Kamishin Ryu syllabus is extensive and is reflective of the style's classical approach to training. Initially the student learns fundamental techniques which are performed in a very basic manner.  As the student progresses, the techniques undergo a gradual transformation so that they themselves progress from being merely basic to passing through intermediate and then on to  advanced levels of performance.

The main part of the syllabus is taken up with fundamental techniques but in addition to this each of the 20 Kata must also be learned and performed according to the students level.  Accompanying the kata are numerous drills and exercises which make the connection from Kihon and Kata, to Kumite.  Some of these are required to be performed during Grading examinations in order for the student to progress.

The Syllabus is supported by a vast curriculum which ensures that students are taught according to their level of understanding and ability and also ensures that every aspect of the system is covered.  Generally, the drills and exercises associated with Kata and with other fundamental principles [such as tenshin and sabaki for example], are studied according to the curriculum, even though they may not specifically appear as a requirement of the syllabus. 

For each step forward in grade, the student must undergo a minimum number of hours of training before qualifying for grading.  This ensures that all that needs to be covered in the curriculum is done so.  The requirement varies for each grading and increases with each grade. For example the requirement for Nidan (2nd Dan) is a period of no less than 2 years and no less than 300 hours of training since the previous grading.  Below is the majority of the fundamental syllabus up to and including Shodan (1st Dan)