During the second half of the 1980's Sensei Snewin concentrated on developing the club [as it was then] and contact with other organisations was limited as Sensei Snewin had a very insular approach to the club, wanting only to produce good quality students.  Due to the extreme nature of the training (a legacy of Sensei Snewin's own past training with Sensei Kamimoto) , nearly all his early students did not last much past 1st Kyu and left to find clubs which were not so fanatical in their training methods.  

In 1989 after an invitation to a National Open Knockdown Championships, a contingency of Kamishin Ryu students went along to take part, never having before experienced anything other than regular dojo kumite.  The result was a National Lightweight Championship win for one of Sensei Snewin's students and all of the other Kamishin students went through to either the Quarter or Semi finals.  This started to generate some interest in Kamishin Ryu Karate and over the following few years, Sensei Snewin opened other dojo throughout his immediate area in order to develop the school.

Sensei Snewin has branch dojo in that the North East and South East of England and his unique background and knowledge of Japanese fighting systems have made him a teacher in much demand and in addition to teaching Karate and Kobujutsu during the week, he teaches at numerous seminars and courses all over the UK and as a result, the Kamishin Ryu Karate-Do Association UK continues to grow.