Sensei Kamimoto

In 1981 Sensei Snewin began to assist in teaching at a Karate Club at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.  It was during one of the sessions that a visitor came into the class who was later to have a profound effect on Sensei Snewin - Hiroshi Kamimoto. Sensei Kamimoto was a very strict traditionalist and was a student of Sensei Eiichi Kameyama, the founder of the little known "family" system of Karate called Kamishin Ryu. He was also an expert at classical swordsmanship and this was evident in his teaching of Karate as he often would relate the movements and application to sword techniques. 

It was not possible for Sensei Snewin to practice with Sensei Kamimoto at this time, (Sensei Kamimoto lived in the Midlands), so Sensei Snewin continued his training with Sensei Scott in Karate and Sensei Haywood in Aikido until 1982. Fate seemed to take a hand in what was to follow, as a family relocation brought him to Staffordshire. Failing to find a Karate class in his area that was suitable, he contacted Sensei Kamimoto holding out little hope that he was still at the same location, let alone would be willing to take him on as a student.  Much to his surprise, not only was Sensei Kamimoto still at the same location but he remembered Sensei Snewin and agreed to meet him to discuss his training.

The consequence of this was that Sensei Snewin became a personal student of Sensei Kamimoto for the next three years.  Training took place once or twice a week with Sensei Snewin travelling to visit Sensei Kamimoto where training would take place in the converted cellar dojo at his house.  These sessions were very intense with each one lasting a minimum of four hours. As the sessions were physically very demanding, it was not uncommon for Sensei Snewin to find it difficult to walk the following morning. Sensei Kamimoto was very strict and the method of training was such that Sensei Snewin was not permitted to move on to another exercise until the standard of the one being worked on was performed to Sensei Kamimoto's satisfaction.