Welcome to our links page.  We have selected  sites that we feel are of value to the subject matter of Japanese/Okinawan classical martial arts, or are related resources. If you would like us to consider adding a reciprocal link to these pages, please email us with your details on
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WKKC Badge

A link to Wellingborough Kempo Karate Club, run by Sensei Mick Bazywelycz, based in Northamptonshire. Also provides instruction in Ryukyu Kobujutsu.

  Takumi Karate Do in Edinburgh. Shito Ryu Shukokai Karate headed by Sensei Steve McKenzie.
This is a link to Jeffrey's Japanese/English Dictionary Server. Very useful in looking up all those Japanese words and phrases and converting them to English or vice versa. Also provides Kanji ideograms.   Go To The KTJW Index Page Karate Underground - THE forum for intelligent Karate Discussion. This is not the usual collection of anonymous weirdos, deadbeats and armchair warriors. - For serious students of the karate condition only!

Saito Sensei using Aiki Ken. Saito Sensei spent over 20 years studying aikido under O'Sensei, the founder of aikido.

Staffs Aikido - Takemusu Iwama Aikido in Staffordshire under Sensei Geoff Cotton, holder of densho in Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo from Saito Sensei.   Makotokai - No politics, Aikido pure and simple Makotokai Aikido Riai -  Glasgow based Aikido under renowned Scottish Sensei Billy Coyle, holder of densho in Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo from Saito Sensei.

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