The name Kamishin Ryu can be translated as meaning "School of the Divine Heart" or "Heart of the Gods Style" in the context of classical Bujutsu. The style was originated in the mid 1960's by Kameyama Eiichi, a former senior student of one of the main styles in Japan. The manner in which the system came into being is much the same as a majority of martial systems which have evolved over history. Specifically, the founder decided to move away from his former school in order that his own ideas and objectives could be pursued. Kameyama Sensei found that the school he belonged to was placing too much emphasis on the competition arena.  As a result, he decided to study the underlying method, (Naha-te), of the school from which he originally came, to a greater depth at it's source in Okinawa.  

History tells us that after a period of study in Okinawa he formulated the system which is now known as Kamishin Ryu Karate Do. This is a very traditional school of the Way of the Empty Hand and is intrinsically classically Japanese in it's approach although from a technical standpoint the techniques are very much of an Okinawan flavour once past novice levels. The fundamentals of the system are found in the more linear techniques of Shuri-te, and as the student advances, the more complex and circular techniques found in Naha-te are introduced. This leads to a style which exhibits some of the dynamic qualities of a relatively modern style, whilst preserving the deeper, more profound and practical qualities of a true Budo. Kamishin Ryu Karate does not undergo gradual development and change, as do others but maintains the tradition of preserving techniques, kata and bunkai in order that successive generations may themselves study the system in it's original form.