The Association runs a number of teaching courses and training seminars during  the year with instruction from Sensei Snewin and other well renowned national Instructors. Our connections throughout  the international Martial Arts Community give us access to many other seminars offered by the some of the best teachers from all over the World. 

As well as those courses organised directly by the Association, Sensei Snewin teaches at many other seminars in  the UK.  In addition to these courses, senior Kamishin Ryu students are offered the chance to attend  the bi-annual Instructor sessions to ensure consistency of standards and teaching ability.

It is possible to arrange for Sensei Snewin to teach Karate or Kobujutsu at your club or school. For those who are interested in a course in Kobujutsu, enquiries should in the first instance be directed to the Ryukyu Kobujutsu Association of Great Britain who will arrange the course and agree fees etc. Due to the demand for his tuition, Sensei Snewin generates a very busy teaching schedule and needs to be booked some time in advance. To check on his availability, you can email him on enquiries[at]kamishinryu[dot]com.